Maverick vs Duster "Fake News" of the 1970's?

Funny stuff here! These were Chrysler / Plymouth Dealer Promo Films. We could guess the Maverick was kicking there butt in sales when the Maverick Came out. However these videos are total propaganda and probably produced by some guy watching to many cold war propaganda Russia vs USA videos. 

In the first video below, they compliment the Maverick trying to use reverse psychology. However some of these comparison are the worst ever. Really no window frames are better? We all know how those have window leaks!  lol!  and who leaves a camera in the car? lol!  Not to mention some of the photographs they used to compare them, had to be some of the worst angles. Of course one looks better then the other when you make someone bend over more or lean a certain way. 

That's the 1970's for you. Maybe people were too high from Woodstock and believe anything they would tell you back then. 


This one is even better!  With the start of some sexual harassment comments. You would never hear that in promotional video for a company anymore!  lol!