Who is Maverick Man

Maverick Man is the first manufacture of Carbon Fiber Parts for the 69-77 Ford Maverick.

Dating back as far as 1993 Maverick Man has been known though out the years and probably the most recognizable Maverick from Magazine Features in Super Fords, Popular Hot Rodding, CarTech Books and even the Cover of Hot Rod Magazine AND Hot Rod TV. Including a French television show called California Master Car.  Most prestigious the Maverick Man Maverick being a feature car for larger manufacturers like a Pioneer Audio Booth Car and One of Falken Tire Lead Cars for their social media campaign.  The Maverick Man's Mavericks have spanned over almost three decades of media!

How is Maverick Man different then other companies? Maverick Man is an enthusiast of the Ford Maverick even when they weren't popular!  WE never have been a bandwagon company, jumping on what people think is popular, we have always been the "Maverick" while being an actual owner of Mavericks.  Maverick Man is just not another company jumping on the Maverick band wagon and just "carrying parts" just to carry them.  Consider us In and Out Burger NOT Jack and the Box.

In 2002 the first Carbon Fiber Cowl hood was created for the Maverick and wowed everyone! Even Mustang owners were jealous. This was something before its time. Maverick Man over time has now expanded this line to other type of Maverick Hoods, Trunks, Hood Scoops and Spoilers. 

In 2016 Maverick Man was approached by Actor Sung Kang from the Fast and Furious Franchise to be a part of a build for a Maverick. For those of you who do not know, Sung Kang actually drives a Maverick in one of the movies and this bought his curiosity out about the Maverick. This Maverick was later put together with Maverick Man consulting on the build with the team at SEMA Garage as well as being sponsored by Shell Oil!  After this car was completed, it sported a Maverick Man Grabber Carbon Fiber Hood and Trunk on it and was debuted at SEMA 2016 and was later auctioned off for charity.  This car was also made into Hot Wheels. 

see more about that here: www.drivingline.com/articles/building-dreams-sung-kangs-72-ford-maverick

Today Maverick Man is now extending the line to other Maverick related parts. Everything thing from Headlights to Headers. Parts that we have tried and know that works! Maverick Man will continue to help grow the popularity of the Ford Maverick a car that has so very much been overlooked and now is becoming "the car the build" 

Stay tuned for the things to come. In the meantime Be A Maverick!


Questions? email maverickman@maverickmancarbon.com.