KYB Excel-G Gas Rear Ford Maverick Shocks

KYB Excel-G Gas Rear Ford Maverick Shocks

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Want to feel a noticeable difference in your Maverick in handling? These KYB Excel-G gas shocks  restore original handling and control capabilities. These nitrogen, gas-charged, twin-tube designs have earned an OEA (Original Equipment for the Aftermarket) classification.  Comfort is important, but ride control, as well as stability, stopping, and lane change responsiveness is critical. KYB Excel-G shocks and struts are designed to cover all these performance purposes.

Features and benefits:

* Vehicle specific, hand assembled in-house damping valves
* Ultra-smooth triple chrome plated chrome piston rods reduce seal wear
* Multi-lip, synthetic oil seal and wiper engineered to keep fluid in and contaminants out
* Seamless, extruded steel tubing in the inner cylinders, and PTFE band around the piston for a positive seal
* Restores designed stability
* ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and electronic safety systems ready
* Helps prolong tire life
* Improves stopping distance
* Helps maintain wheel alignment

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